Wednesday, April 2, 2008

evolution of the eco-bag

Everywhere I go - Sephora, Michael's, Safeway, H&M - I try to sound nonchalant but inside I'm thrilled for having remembered: "Oh, I don't need a bag". Half the time they are in robot mode and they try to bag up my purchases anyway. So I whip this baby out.

Great gift I got for the holidays - a trio of Acme Workhorse bags. Not only are they super-durable (made of tear-proof nylon) but they are super-light and they fold up into themselves so they're absolutely tiny when you're not using them. Thus, you can tuck them into the corner of your purse instead of dorking out with those big green grocery bags (so last year).

With three, I can keep one in the car, one in the purse, and one in the drawer by the door for any occasion. Right now, they have a 4 for 3 promotion so you can share with a friend! And believe me, you will have lots of friends when they see how eco-conscious, stylish, and generous you are.

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apple said...

Nice bag! Keep posting.